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All our influencer campaigns are based on the same preparatory process. We first do an in-depth market research of your product using custom real life surveys, A/B testing and pre-existing data to choose the scope and scale of your campaign to achieve the highest ROI and set key KPIs. We then look at the three Rs of influence: Relevance, Reach and Resonance, to choose which one of our partnered influencer will connect with your audience and product the best.


We shoot professional videos and photoshoots thanks to our own camera team which have years of professional experience in the fashion industry. We derive a specific artistic and psychologic strategy to complement the branding of your product and create long-lasting emotions with your audience.

Editing & Review

We compile the best shots and teasers from our photoshoot into a professional showcase of your product. We send you the finished product for a final review of modifications after which you will get it in optimised formats for use in different social platforms.